Shirlina Mohammad

Global Business Consultant

President of ISF International. Focusing on the latest technology, media, production and consultingmainly in the areas of entertainment. Major emphasis on collaboration with artist and sponsorship for diversified entertainment and sporting events. Work very closely with top ranking music based entertainers and sports personalities for branding and management.

Steven Nia

Wardour studios - Joint venture pertners

Steven brings many years experience and expertise in VFX, production, film finance, distribution, creation and development of shows and events. His shows have aired on PBS, CBS and NBC. He is a talented producer and is currently leading the way for the production of many films on the Wardour/Advent Film slate and Steven is the key to opening our films in worldwide markets. He is the creative and technical mind behind the W1 Platform The Hollywood Blockchain which is revolutionizing the Hollywood entertainment system. He is key in developing relationships to fund and promote our projects and visual effects.

Angelina Leo


Besides acting in movies and TV series, Angelina performs in several Hollywood theaters. She is the model for multi-million high-tech companies both in China and USA and focuses on motion picture productions. Angelina is currently producing several Wardour/Advent films and is key in arranging for funding of our projects. Angelina is skilled in all areas of production and negotiation. She is key in negotiation of international deals andP has a stong influence in the China market. She is acting in the feature film The Dome which has been financed through the W1 Platform.

Chris Craker

Music partners
Karma Studios

Asia's No.1 Creative Recording Studio Utopia set in a Tropical Paradise in Thailand. The best recording studio complex in SE Asia. Headed by legendary musician Chris Craker, our music partner for galaxy built on hope, documentary directed by academy award winner Roger Christian on his life and work on the sets of the iconic star wars films.

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