Roger Christian’s innovative work created the look for Star Wars, Alien, and Life of Brian, winning an Oscar and a nomination for introducing the iconic lightsaber to the global audience. George Lucas commissioned Christian’s directing debut, Black Angel, now recently restored sending it viral on the internet. Lucas had Christian directing alongside him on Star Wars; Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace. Christian’s 2nd film Dollar Bottom won an Oscar for the best dramatic short film. Directing credits include the cult classic feature - The Sender and the critically acclaimed - Nostradamus. His memoir - Cinema Alchemist inspired Galaxy Built on Hope, a documentary on his work making the first Star Wars epic feature, Black Angel.

Daryl Davis


Daryl is a Picture Editor currently based in Toronto, Ontario. He is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada and Canadian Cinema Editors Society has been editing for over 30 years with dozens of feature film and dramatic television productions to his credit. Recent projects include the Netflix mini-series “Tokyo Trial”, which received an International Emmy nomination. Other notable projects are the feature films “Surveillance” and “Chained” directed by Jennifer Lynch, with “Surveillance” receiving Best Film award at Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival as well as premiering at Cannes Film Festival. Daryl has also edited over 50 TV documentary productions.

Ram Srinivasan

Tax Credit Consultant

With more than twenty years of experience in the media industry, Ram brings expertise in production financing models and in the area of media tax credits for Canadian content and co-ventures including treaty co-pros and web based digital productions

Mark Gingras

Post Production Partners

Mark Gingras is a Genie, Gemini, Canadian Screen Award, Director’s Guild, Emmy award-nominated sound designer and co-owner of Urban Post Production Inc., a Toronto based full-service post-production studio founded in 2001. In 2012, along with his producing partners, he founded Vigilante Productions Inc. in order to provide production assistance and investments in independent Canadian and international filmmaking.

Since then, he has served as an Executive Producer on over 30 films including the award-winning horror feature “The Witch” and the Cannes Film Festival premiere “Mean Dreams”.

Mark began his career in the early 90s working on location for IMAX, touring with the Rolling Stones on “The Rolling Stones, Live: At The Max”. He sharpened his skillsets under the tutelage of Canada’s foremost directors, Norman Jewison and David Cronenberg, working on such films as “The Hurricane” and “eXistenZ”.

In his spare time, Mark is co-owner of The Silver Snail, the largest independently owned retailer of comic books and graphic novels in Canada.

Mark Edwards

Legal Partner

Mark Edwards is the founder and principal of Edwards Creative Law, an entertainment law boutique with offices in Ottawa and Toronto and a practice that extends to every common law province in Canada. Mark’s personal focus is live-action and animated films and series, video games, and digital media.

Whether acting for Canadian producers and studios or for the US and foreign buyers of their products and services, Mark brings nearly 25 years of experience structuring, funding, financing, producing and exploiting linear and interactive media to ensure that his clients minimize their risks while maximising the benefits of Canada’s favourable production environment, low dollar and generous production tax credits.

In addition to his legal practice, Mark has developed, financed and delivered hundreds of episodes of children’s animation – most often as international co-productions under one of Canada’s many bi-lateral audio-visual production treaties; launched CrowdWave, a proprietary, mass-interactive game platform for professional and collegiate sports; and managed the development and production of state-of-the-art branded content and destination web sites for major US advertisers.

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