Galaxy Built On Hope

For the original Star Wars film in 1977, Set Decorator and prop maker Roger Christian created a totally new look in sci-fi film by using found objects to give George Lucas’ fantasy worlds a feeling of authenticity.
Christian dressed the Star Wars sets with airplane scrap and modified WWII guns to create menacing, realistic sci-fi weapons. He built the prop for Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber out of vintage camera parts, creating a true cinema icon that has endured across four decades of the Star Wars saga. Christian’s radically innovative approach won him an Oscar—and transformed the look of sci-fi cinema forever.
The story behind Roger Christian’s realization of the Star Wars “used universe” has been a great missing chapter in the history of the Star Wars saga—until now. Christian’s new feature-length documentary Galaxy Built on Hope gives us all the details in Roger’s own words, a feast of exciting new stories for fans and film historians alike.


'A Ride that Derailed my Life' - the tagline of the movie Passenger.
Passenger like Scorsese's renowned 'After Hours' is a one-night comic crime drama. Nikunj Ahuja, fresh from India, working in a call center in Casablanca, while going back home, happens to witness this night something he should not have. This catapults him into a run for his life, dislodging him into the dark, funny underbelly of Casablanca and the treacherous gangs there. Somewhere in the city, serial bomb blasts are being planned, which to Nikunj's nightmares, come colliding with his run tonight. Will he survive the night?

Written & Directed by award-winning filmmaker Sanjay Khanduri and Produced by Canadian producers Ritu Sharda and Parth Jani, the producer duo behind JC Capital and films like Roger Christian's 'Galaxy - Built On Hope' and 'Cross Roads To Shaolin' (under production) 'Passenger' is a classic in the making.

Cross Roads To Shaolin

Another masterpiece by Jani Entertainment Productions & Wardour Studios, Directed by Roger Christian, Executive Produced by RituSharda, Produced by ParthJani, CRTS is a journey of a boy’s transformation into a Zen Master trained at the Shaolin Temple China to avenge his father’s death & his personal struggle to conquer his inner fears & demons.

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