Galaxy Built On Hope

For the original Star Wars film in 1977, Set Decorator and prop maker Roger Christian created a totally new look in sci-fi film by using found objects to give George Lucas’ fantasy worlds a feeling of authenticity.
Christian dressed the Star Wars sets with airplane scrap and modified WWII guns to create menacing, realistic sci-fi weapons. He built the prop for Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber out of vintage camera parts, creating a true cinema icon that has endured across four decades of the Star Wars saga. Christian’s radically innovative approach won him an Oscar—and transformed the look of sci-fi cinema forever.
The story behind Roger Christian’s realization of the Star Wars “used universe” has been a great missing chapter in the history of the Star Wars saga—until now. Christian’s new feature-length documentary Galaxy Built on Hope gives us all the details in Roger’s own words, a feast of exciting new stories for fans and film historians alike.


A fast paced Thriller with shades of suspense & comedy, where a man’s much looked forward weekend night turns in to a storm nightmare on the Run in the trams of Greece.

Directed by Sanjay Khanduri( Ekchaliski last local fame) , Executive produced by RituSharda, Produced by ParthJani , this is a Cult Classic in the making.

Cross Roads To Shaolin

Another masterpiece by Jani Entertainment Productions & Wardour Studios, Directed by Roger Christian, Executive Produced by RituSharda, Produced by ParthJani, CRTS is a journey of a boy’s transformation into a Zen Master trained at the Shaolin Temple China to avenge his father’s death & his personal struggle to conquer his inner fears & demons.

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