About Us

Jani entertainment productions is a Canadian film studio, founded by the synergy of Parth’s belief and Ritu’s passion in the mystical matrix of cinema. Partnering with legendary stalwarts of global cinema the content produced sets the benchmark for the future of cinema thereby placing Canada in the big league of Entertainment Content Development.


From time immemorial cinema has been a portal between the mundane regularity of everyday life and the Universe of dreams. Our aim is to create a parallel universe for the global audience to believe , live & celebrate the stories that are brought to life on the silver screen.


The cornerstone of founders philosophy translates into the vision of our Production house. We handpick our content as we believe in them & tireless thought & man hours are put in to assemble the projects with a impeccable backing of our in house legendary teams connecting the dots & bringing to shape the content worthy enough for the soulful delight & pleasure of our worthy audience.

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